Bloggfrslur mnaarins, jl 2006

Hoppa hljmsveitarpallinn

Ef til vill er g bara nldurseggur, en einhverra hluta vegna fer svona "bandwagon jumping" rlti taugarnar mr.

N efast g ekki um a tnleikarnir voru vel heppnair, g efast ekki heldur um a Miklatn er gtlega falli til tnleikahalds. Ef g hef rttar upplsingar styrkti borgin umrtt tnleikahald nokku myndarlega, a er sjlfu sr fnu lagi mn vegna.

En a einkaaili ( essu tilfelli hljmsveitin Sigur Rs) hafi stai a vel lukkari samkomu finnst mr engin sta til ess a "borgarva" fyrirbri. a er engan vegin nausynlegt a koma essu fyrir hj opinberum ailum.

Auvita borgin a taka vel mti eim sem koma fram me svipaar hugmyndir, ea vilja halda tnleika tninu, en slkur undirbningur er betur komin hj einkaailum. Vilja gera tnleika Miklatni a fstum li bjarlfinu
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

friur - rija heimstyrjldin hafin ea a hefjast? - N orrustutkni - Barnungir hermenn

a er ekki hgt a neita v a nokku frilega horfir heiminum n um stundir. tk eru va, m ar til dmis nefna til sgunnar Lbanon, srael, Afghanistan, rak, Angla, Sdan, Smalu, ekki er etta endanlegur listi og m lklega bta nokku hann nokkrum svum sem hernaur ea nnur tk eiga sr sta.

v hafa ummli Newt Gingrich tti sem ber nafni "Meet the Press" vaki nokkra athygli. ar sagi Gingrich

"We are in the early stages of what I would describe as the Third World War. And frankly, our bureaucracies aren't responding fast enough, we don't have the right attitude about this." Missile launches by North Korea, bombs in Mumbai, a war in Afghanistan, a war in Iraq "funded largely by Saudi Arabia and supplied largely from Syria and Iran," terrorist plots in Britain, Miami, Toronto and New York.

I believe if you take all the countries I just listed, that you've been covering, put them on a map, look at all the different connectivity, you'd have to say to yourself this is, in fact, World War III. You've got to understand these dictatorships all talk to each other," he continued. "There's public footage from North Korean television of the Iranians visiting with Kim Jong Il the dictator, and a North Korean missile manufacturing facility. The Iranians have now unveiled a statue of Simn Bolvar in Tehran to prove their solidarity with Venezuela. I mean, these folks think on a global basis."

Fjalla var um ummli Gingrichs og fleiri ekktra aila gtri grein Macleans fyrir stuttu, en grein m finna hr.

Sjlfur tala g ekki um riju heimstyrjldina, alla vegna ekki enn, en eins og g sagi ofar, er ekki mjg frivnlegt heiminum um essar mundir. Hr eftir "linka" g og "kvta" r greinum og frttum sem mr hafa fundist athygliverar.

vef NYT, rakst g san grein um tkni sem Hezbollah beitir hernai snum gegn srael, frleg grein, en barttuaferir eirra hafa vaki mikla athygli og jafnvel ugg meal herstjrnenda.

"Hezbollah spent the last six years dispersing about 12,000 rockets across southern Lebanon in a vast web of hidden caches, all divided into local zones with independent command.

“They dug tunnels. They dug bunkers, they established communications systems — cellphones, radios, even runners to carry messages that aren’t susceptible to eavesdropping,” said one military officer with experience in the Middle East. “They divided southern Lebanon into military zones with many small units that operate independently, without the need for central control.”

To attack Israel, Hezbollah dispersed its fighters with no distinguishing markings or uniforms or vehicles. Fighters access the weapons only at the moment of attack, and then disappear. This makes preventing the attack all but impossible. It is a significant modernization of classic guerrilla hit-and-run tactics. Israel has been unable to significantly degrade the numbers of rockets because of this approach. Hezbollah fired more than 100 a day at the start of this conflict; they are still firing more than 100 a day, despite Israeli bombardment."

"Hezbollah still possesses the most dangerous aspects of a shadowy terror network. It abides by no laws of war as it attacks civilians indiscriminately. Attacks on its positions carry a high risk of killing innocents. At the same time, it has attained military capabilities and other significant attributes of a nation-state. It holds territory and seats in the Lebanese government. It fields high-tech weapons and possesses the firepower to threaten the entire population of a regional superpower, or at least those in the northern half of Israel."

"While Hezbollah has emerged as a new kind of threat, it cannot be forgotten that the network is a creation of Iran, with the support of Syria, and both countries know they cannot attack Israel — or American interests — directly. The Bush administration is debating internally whether the best course of action against Iran and Syria is to negotiate with them, isolate them, or do something stronger."

"Within the Bush adminstration and across the military, a clearer view is emerging out of the chaos in southern Lebanon. It is that nation-states know they cannot directly take on superpowers — either regional or global — without getting their clocks cleaned, and so they use proxies they train and support to take the fight to those superpowers. The fight against groups like Hezbollah requires a strategy for dealing with their sponsors. These networks, Hezbollah included, don’t float around in the ether like free electrons bumping into each other. They alight. They attach themselves to territory. In Afghanistan it was with the full support of the Taliban. In Pakistan, it’s an ungoverned space. In Lebanon, it’s a state within a state. Cut off state support, or eliminate the ability of the networks to survive in ungoverned areas, and they collapse on themselves."

essa grein m finna heild sinni hr.

Loks vil g benda eim sem tra v a friurinn Lbanon hafi veri fyrirfram skipulagur af srael og Bandarkjastjrn, grein sem birtist vef The London Timas, ar segir m.a.:

"Until now Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed militant group, has refused to reveal much about its response to Israel’s assault. But in an exclusive interview with The Sunday Times yesterday, Sheikh Naim Qassem, Hezbollah’s second in command, spoke out — and attacked Britain for allowing US planes carrying bombs to Israel to transit through a British airport.

“The transportation of American weapons to Israel is a blatant scandal of America’s full involvement in the battle,” he said, “and flying them over London bears large responsibility over Britain. "

"Qassem admitted Hezbollah had been preparing for conflict since Israel withdrew from south Lebanon in 2000. He claimed it had not been convinced that Israel’s aspirations in Lebanon were over, despite its withdrawal.

“The fact that Israel kept the Shebaa Farms (a strip of disputed land on the border), held on to the prisoners and its continuous reconnaissance flights over Lebanon were all indications of its aggressive intentions towards Lebanon,” he said.

Hezbollah’s stockpiling of arms and preparation of numerous bunkers and tunnels over the past six years have been key to its resistance. “If it was not for these preparations Lebanon would have been defeated within hours,” he said.

Hezbollah is believed to be in possession of four types of advanced missile: Fajr missiles with a range of 100 kilometres; Iran 130 missiles with a range of 110km; and Shahin missiles and 355mm rockets with ranges of 150km. He said that Hezbollah will use its weapons to strike deep into Israel should the attacks in Lebanon continue. "

"Qassem said that Hezbollah would not discuss disarmament. It “is not an issue up for negotiation at this stage”, he said. "

Greinina heild m finna hr.

Rakst lka nokku frlegan pistil Andrew Sullivan, sama vef, hann m finna hr, en ar fjallar hann um hernaar og pltska barttu Miausturlndum. ar kemur meal annars etta fram:

"While the world remains understandably transfixed on Lebanon and Israel, one fact bears keeping in mind: more people were killed in Iraq in the past two weeks than in Israel and Lebanon combined."

"But it has entered others’. The Saudi Arabian elites are rattled. All the Sunni powers are unnerved. The Hezbollah provocation, sponsored and armed by Iran, is dangerous in itself. Combined with the developments in Iraq, it presages a real and new shift in power. If Tehran gains a Shi’ite mini-state with vast oil reserves in Iraq, if its nuclear programme continues unchecked, if its proxy fighters in Lebanon continue to show the tenacity and barbaric targeting of civilians that they have demonstrated so far, we have the makings of a war in the Middle East with Iran as the central player, vowing to rival Al-Qaeda as the spearhead of the new caliphate.

The Israelis are aware of this because their survival depends on it. Their elimination as a people and a nation is a central tenet of Hezbollah’s and Tehran’s ideology. That is why their response in Lebanon, however awful the collateral civilian deaths and injuries, and however unsettling to the region, is rational from their point of view. It is disproportionate only if you ignore the existential threat that they increasingly face.

In an irony of history, Bush’s bungled, unserious Iraq occupation has given the Shi’ite Islamists an opportunity. In southern Lebanon they have opened a polarising second front. In southern Iraq they are gaining a new and potentially deadly base of operations. From that base, their true intentions will shortly become clearer. And the future darker. "

a var annar gtispistill vefThe London Times, s eftir
"If this is the third world war, we’re losing it"

Eftirfarandi "klausur" m finna ar:
"The idea of the “Islamo-fascist” enemy makes a great soundbite but in reality leaves something to be desired. Certainly Michael Aflaq, founder of the Ba’ath movement that came to power in Iraq and Syria, was an admirer of Hitler. But he came from a Christian family and his movement was militantly secular. A Ba’ath fascist like Saddam Hussein may exalt the use of violence but that does not make him an Islamist — as his Shi’ite victims can bitterly attest.

Bashar al-Assad of Ba’athist Syria is allied to theocratic Iran by opposition to Israel and America, not ideology. Israel does face real Islamist enemies who would like to see it “wiped off the face of the earth”, but the Palestinian issue has its own dynamics, its own rights and wrongs. Nor is a Sunni Muslim the same as a Shi’ite."

"That said, there are some things worth defending: democracy and liberal values. And yes, Israel shares them. In Muslim countries there is a real threat from fanatics determined to purge their fellows of any western taint, death cultists who worship only the dark side of religion. They are determined to hit western interests around the world and western civilians whether we choose to fight them or not, although as targets we come second behind their co-religionists.

True, all the intelligence agencies of the West — and Russia as well — made the mistake of assuming that Saddam still had chemical weapons when they had been destroyed after the first Gulf war. But the thought of nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists or an apocalyptic fanatic like President Ahmadinejad of Iran is enough to make the blood run cold. "

"Some cold warriors saw a single enemy made in Moscow, not realising that Mao’s China and even Tito’s Yugoslavia had their own ambitions. Third World dictators allied to the Soviet Union had their own agendas, too.

Disagreements about how to fight such an enemy are inevitable. Without the benefit of hindsight, if you supported the successful Korean war should you have automatically advocated fighting the communists in Vietnam? If you did should you have tried to play on Sino-Soviet divisions? Did it matter if our allies in the Third World were a sons-of-a-bitch as long as they were our sons-of-a-bitch or should we have made deals with only the purest democrats (as some neoconservatives suggest today)? Apply the analogy to the Middle East, Al-Qaeda, the Iraq war, the Iranian nuclear programme and the Ba’athists. When to fight and when to contain? Are we uniting our enemies instead of dividing them? Certainly an Afghanistan under Taliban rule could not be tolerated. As for Saddam, in my view he should have been toppled a long time before. But even the most belligerent supporters of the Iraq war cannot deny that its opponents have a stronger case today. And Iran is an even trickier proposition. Is the problem the bomb or the regime? We urgently require a synthesis of idealism and realism. "

Loks linka g hr grein um barn unga hermenn Angla, ar hefur hernaur geysa langan tma, a a vekji ekki mikla athygli, essi grein birtist Washington Times.takanleg lesning s.s. :

"Nicholas, 12, and Ninety, 15, each described being forced to kill other children, with one being forced to join a group of five that was ordered to bite off the skin of a child until the victim bled to death. "

Faru austur ungi maur......

Margir hafa eflaust heyrt tala um slagori, "Go west young man", ea faru vestur ungi maur. etta var egar Bandarkin og Kanada voru a byggjast og v sem nst keypis, ea keypis land fkkst slttunum. a voru margir sem hlddu kallinu, meal annars margir slendingar, en a er nnur og lengri saga.

N virast margir eir sem hafa huga fyrir landbnai skja austurtt, til Rsslands. ar hafa bndur og fjrfestar fundi ntt landsvi, grurmoldin engu lk, og vttan svo mikil og jarirnar svo strar a drttarvlarnar hverfa t vi sjndeildarhringinn og sjst ekki aftur fyrr en eftir 2 klukkutma.

g var a lesa frlega grein The Times, hr eru sm "klausur" r henni:

"And this 12,000-hectare (30,000-acre) farm in the Penza region in southern Russia is owned not by Russians but by a pair of British investors — the first foreigners to buy agricultural land in Russia.

“It’s just awesome,” Mr Hinchley said, shaking his head in disbelief. “The average British farm is 350 acres. You could fit three of them in this field.” "

"In 1913 Tsarist Russia produced a record 90 million tonnes of grain — a third of global supply at the time. In 1990 output hit a Soviet-era high of 117 million tonnes.

Grain production plummeted, however, after the Soviet collapse, when subsidies dried up and collective farms divided their land and machinery between their workers.

This year Russia is expected to harvest only 75 million tonnes, 3 per cent of the world total, from 10 per cent of the world’s arable land.

The Ministry of Agriculture estimates that Russia has the potential to feed a billion people and yet, with a population of 143 million, it is a net importer of food.

And with the global grain harvest expected to fall short of consumption this year, millions of acres are lying idle in one of the most fertile farming areas on the planet. "

“I was gobsmacked,” said Mr Monk, whose main business is property development.

“It’s just so huge. The tractors disappear over the horizon and don’t come back for two hours. And this soil — you could bag it up and sell it in a garden centre.”

The numbers made sense too: land prices were a fraction of those in Britain and average wages for a tractor driver were just 1,200 a year — a tenth of the British average.

And yet, with the right connections, crops could be sold on the local market at international prices."

"Farming in Russia has its drawbacks. The long, harsh winters limit the yields. There is always the risk that the rouble will devalue again or the Government will renationalise land. Heartland has also stirred resentment among some locals who resent foreigners telling them how to farm their land.

Vassily Nadeyev, the 44-year-old chief agronomist at Heartland, said that Russian farmers could achieve similar results if local banks would only lend them money.

“We can do something too,” he said. “People here are well-trained and educated. Why does the Russian government torture us?” But for the moment, Heartland is a rare success story. “They came here, they invested their money and they have a strong belief in what they are doing,” Mr Nadeyev said. “That shows real courage.”"

essa grein m finna heild sinni hr.

Bjartara yfir

Eftir frekar leiinlegan og erfian fstudag, var grdagurinn allur annar, allt virtist stefna rtta tt. Nokku skemmtilegar tmatkur "mlunni", san hringdi verksti, eim hafi tekist a f dekk og skipta t undir blnum okkar.

San kom hr maur heimskn til a selja okkur nja mist, enduum v a taka tilboinu, n mist, hreinsun llum stokkum, ntt termstat og ar fram eftir gtunum. Mistin sem er hr n er 17 ra gmul, annig a vi vissum a komi vri a endurnjun nstu rum, r endast sjaldnast miki yfir 20 rin. annig a fyrst a tilboi var gott, nja mistin a vera mun betur ntin gasi, og a sem konunni fannst lka skipta mli, er a hn er tendru me rafmagni. Ekkert "pilot light" lengur. En henni er frekar illa vi a hafa logandi gas hr allan slarhringinn, allt ri um kring.

San var haldi sm verslunarleiangur. Frum plskan strmarka hr. Miki af plskum og evrpskum vrum bostlum. Keypti miki af alls kyns pylsum, lka nokkur Prince Polo, og svo rakst g lfrna mjlk glerflskum. a var eitthva sem g var a kaupa, a lterinn vri nokku dr. a er eitthva svo dsamlega gamaldags a kaupa mjlk gleri. Flaskan er ekki brn eins og g lst upp vi, heldur glr, en sama kerfi er enn vi li, allar flskur eins, og ekkir vruna litnum tappanum. Er ekki enn binn a smakka mjlkina en bind vi hana miklar vonir.

Dagurinn dag hfst svo me sigri "Sksmisins" morgunsri, g byrjun deginum. Eftir hdegi verur svo haldi samkvmi ar sem hver kemur me hluta af mat og drykk, okkar framlag verur plsku pylsurnar, eistneskur bjr, jafnvel eitthva af tkkneskum og svo hvtt ea rautt. Lklega frekar hvtt, a er svo skrambi heitt hr essa dagana a a hlfa vri ng, v fer lklega betur a hafa vel klt hvtvn vi hendina.

ess vegna ltur allt t fyrir gan dag og ska g llum ess sama.....

Gute Nachrichten von Hockenheim, Der Meister ist zurck

Ekki er g sammla v a keppnin Hockenheim hafi veri hundleiinleg eins og upphafleg fyrirsgn essarar frttar hljai, ja, nema ef til vill fyrir sem lta ftt fara meira taugarnar sr Formlunnien Ferrari og Michael Schumacher.

a er lka skrtin rksemdafrsla a stkurnar hafi veri tmar vegna ess hve kappaksturinn er leiinlegur, v varla hefur formluadendum veri a ljst fyrirfram a svo yri, ea hva?

En vissulega voru yfirburir Ferrari miklir, a var ekki nema rtt fyrst, me mun minna eldsneyti innanbors sem Kimi Raikkonen gat veitt eim virkilega keppni, og leiddi fyrstu 10 hringina. En Kimi verur seint talinn me heppnari kumnnum Formlunni, og skemmdi vandri fyrsta jnustuhlinu nokku fyrir honum, a a hafi varla ri rslitum hva varar staskipan essum kappakstri.

Barrichello og Webber ttu lka nokku gan dag framan af, en vegna happa heltust eir r leik, en stigastin hefu nokku rugglega veri ruvsi skipu hefu eir n a klra keppni.

En a vi fengjum a sj nokkra netta framrakstra var ekkert "spectacular" sem vi fengum a sj essarri keppni, en a er v miur ekkert einsdmi, enda hefur staskipan oftar en ekki breyst jnustuhlum upp skasti.

Stru tindin essari keppni, srstaklega fyrir okkur Ferrari adendur er s staa sem er komin upp bum keppnunum, einstaklinga og lia. Schumacher er n aeins 11 stigum eftir Alonso og Ferrari aeins 10 stigum eftir Renault. v m segja a n su bar kepnnirnir opnar upp gtt. Ungverjalandskeppnin um nstu helgi gti hglega skila eim bum v sem nst pari inn fri sem kemur ar eftir.

Spennan mtarinni er v a aukast og er a vel. Ferrari og Bridgestone virast hafa feykilega sterka blndu eins og er, en Renault og Michelin urfa a spta lfana, McLaren, Honda og Toyota geta lka tt eftir a hafa nokkur hrif lokaniurstuna.

g b v spenntur eftir nstu helgi og keppninni Ungverjalandi. Schumacher snertanlegur spennandi keppni Hockenheim
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Risinn gefst upp,

a eru vissulega tindi egar Wal-Mart dregur sig t af rija strsta smslumarkai heimi. En a sannar enn og aftur a neytendur hafa sasta ori. Ef verslanir n ekki hylli eirra, urfa r a pakka saman. Strstir heimi, hefur enga ingu ef skir neytendur kunna ekki a meta verslanir nar.

Wal-Mart hitti einfaldlega ekki mark hj jverjum. Hva veldur get g ekki tskrt, en a verur byggilega verkefni hj mrgum sprenglrum markasfringum a kryfja til mergjar.

Hvort a Wal-Mart eftir a sna aftur til skalands er ekki gott a segja, en vissulega urfti Bnus tvr atrennur Akureyri. Snru til baka fyrsta skipti. Gamansamir heimamenn segja reyndar a eir hafi ekki teki Bnus stt fyrr en Jhannes flutti norur, og Bnus var annig a nokkru leyti eigu heimamanns, en a er nnur saga.

eir sem hafa huga a lesa meira um uppgjf Wal-Mart, bendi g grein san gr. Wal-Mart flr skaland
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Hefi vilja vera ar.....

etta eru tnleikar sem g hefi gjarna vilja skja. a g geti varla talist me strstu adendum Sigur Rsar, kann g kaflega vel a meta tnlist eirra vi sumar astur.

Persnulega get g varla mynda mr betri sta til a njta tnlistar eirra en nkvmlega stainn sem um er rtt. Bjarsti a Hlsi og nsta b, Hrauni er svo magna a g er ekki hissa a stemningin hafi veri g og tnlistin noti sn vel.

Eftir hefi svo veri tilvali a rlta upp a verbrekkuvatni, kasta fyrir silung, veia nokkra titti og grilla sumarnttinni bakkanum

g s etta allt fyrir mr og heyri rltin m af tnlistinni. G stemning tnleikum Sigur Rsar xnadal grkvldi
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Hockenheim gibts gut

Mr fannst tmatkurnur meira spennandi en oft ur, a var eins og a lgi eitthva vnt loftinu.

Kimi kom skemmtilega vart og ni 1. stinu, a tti a hafa ktt alla rflega 6000 starfsmenn Mercedes sem jafnan mta svi. "Sksmiurinn" st sig vel, er 2. sti og Massa gaf ekkert eftir og ni v 3.

Alonso, en auvita er a fyrst og fremst hann og Michael sem eru a berjast eins og staan er n, er aeins 7. sti og kom a nokku vart. N fara hnd miklar "speglasjnir" um hva bensnmagni er miki hj hverjum og einum, og hvernig keppnin muni fara, hva hver tekur mrg jnustustopp og svo framvegis.

Sjlfur tel g a Schumacher komi til me a hafa a heimavelli, lklega fara fram r Raikkonen jnustuhli, sem v miur virist vera orin vinslasta aferin til framraksturs. Massa og Raikkonen munu berjast um anna sti. Alonso er svolti erfiara a sp um. Hann er fantakumaur, en gti lent erfileikum me a fara fram r til a berjast um toppstin, srstaklega vegna ess a hann mun fara varlega, ar sem hann aaltakmark er a koma mark stigasti, til a minnka "tjni" stigakeppninni, hann m ekki vi v a detta t.

Smu sgu er a segja af Michael, hann mun ekki taka neina str "sjensa", hann m ekki lta etta tkifri fram hj sr fara me einhverjum mistkum. a gti v fari svo a hann lti sr 2. sti ngja, ef svo bri undir, frekar en a htta keppninni.

En a er ljst a a verur spennandi kappakstur morgun. Rikknen rspl Hockenheim
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Fjarandi deiluefni

a hefur veri nokku skringilegt a fylgjast me essari deilu um fjrunarbnainn formlunni. Hann er mist lglegur ea lglegur.

a virist samt allt benda til ess a hann veri ekki notaur Hochenheim um helgina. a gti breytt msu um rslitin og jafnframt stunni mtinu llu. En a er ljst a g rf mig ftur eldsnemma bi laugardag og sunnudag, af essu m g ekki missa.

Set hr inn link F1 suna, en ar m sj tskringarmynd af bnainum.

Meira sar. Renault fjarlgir framskna fjrun r blunum
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Skitinn dagur

etta er binn a vera ttalega skitinn og leieinlegur dagur. Einn af essum dgum sem ekkert virist ganga upp, reyndar virist flest vera til leiinda.

Verksti sem g skipti vi er bi a klra jafn einfldum hlut og a skipta um dekk blnum okkar. a sprakk hj konunni, hn kallai "srvis" og s sett undir "aumingja" varadekki sem auvita er ekki hgt a keyra lengi. San var vagninn keyrur verksti, stuttu eftir hdegi gr. eir hringja stuttu seinna, segja dekki ntt, a veri a kaupa ntt, eir eigi a ekki til, veri a panta a.OK, sagi g.

San spurist ekkert meira til eirra, annig a g kom vi ar um 2 leyti dag. Ekkert veri gert, eir segja a tlvurnar eirra su lagi, eir viti ekki hvort dekki er komi ea ekki, allt lagerhald s volli. Ekkert hafi heldur gerst egar g kom vi ar um 6 leyti. eir byrjair a tala um mnudag.

Fr svo og skilai af okkur lyklunum a binni sem vi hfum leigu. Lenti rifrildi vi "bitchi" sem var leigusalinn okkar. Hn taldi okkur v sem nst hafa lagt bina rst. Vildi f etta og hitt btt. Taldi okkur skulda sr a minnsta 700 dollara. Ry sturtuklefahur var a strmli.

Hrkurifrildi um hva a vri sem teldist eilegt "wear and tear". Var svo reyttur essu llu saman a g borgai 300 dollara bara til a komast burtu.

kva a stoppa heimleiinni hj Swiss Chalet, kjklingasta. Keypti fjlskyldupakka. egar heim var komi kom ljs a eir hfu gleymt a lta frnsku kartflurnar fylgja me. Of miki ml a fara og kvarta. Frekar kvei a sitja vi bori og bta sig einum "kldum" til a bta skapi.

J, suma daga er a tvmlalaust til bta a g hef ekki byssuleyfi, a minnsta svona eftir a hyggja.

Nsta sa


Ath. Vinsamlegast kveiki Javascript til a hefja innskrningu.

Hafu samband